Dysco Live Demo

This is a demo of the 'live' version of my short Dysco. It's a lot of fun to play with and I think with some work it could be really cool in a live context. It's sort of like playing an instrument and in the demo above I'm really just hitting stuff at random. I haven't really got to grips with it yet, it's just to show an indication of what's do-able.

Technically it's mainly relying on Ableton Live's ability to play clips in it's timeline and OSCulator to enable Touch OSC on the iPhone. Most of the work really is in making the clips. I've been using VDMX a little as well, trying to add visual effects which work in sync with the audio tweaks but I always tricky to get to grips with. It is more than possible, again, it just needs some time.

You can find out more about Dysco here.