Particle Play

These are a series of experiments created in Cinema 4D using Thinking Particles, L-Systems and the UberTracer plug-in. I've done a lot of particle/dynamic/mograph/xpresso work recently but can't show you anything because it's all still under wraps and will be for a while yet. So I took some of the ideas and techniques I've developed and created these animations. There's really no post production on these, they're just straight from the C4D renderer.

Music: Echoes Reality (Si Begg remix) by Max Cooper

I've also had the chance to play around with the DPIT Effex plug-in, mainly just the fluid/smoke solver. Here's the results. Apologies for some of the colour combos!

And finally here's some pretty raw particle tests. Really very simple setups, just to observe how particles bounce. I was inspired by the excellent book, The Wavewatcher's Companion.